Learning Program
Back to the Future
Calling all time-travellers, we have an adventure for YOU!
Back To The Future will transport your child all over history to go on an epic adventure!
Years ago, a magical artifact was hidden through time, and we need YOUR child to help us find it! From pirates to knights to prehistoric times, everyday is full of excitement!

Each day is full of interesting and educational activities including:

  • Science experiments that teach kids important concepts!
  • Fun space-themed crafts to take home!
  • Activities about space exploration!
  • Robotics activities!
  • Engaging puzzles and quests to solve!
  • A new planet to adventure on everyday!
  • A surprise show and performance!
  • Outdoor Fun

Date and Time
  • August 3rd - August 6th 2021
  • From 9am-4pm
  • Ages 4-10

Future Gallery
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