Learning Program
Harry Potter
Step into the Hogwarts

Does your child ever wish they could visit the wizarding world of Harry Potter?

Now they can at Harry Potter camp!
As soon as they step into Hogwarts, they'll be sorted into a house, get their own wands, and begin "magic" classes! Our professors will teach them Potions, Transfiguration, Defense Against The Dark Arts, Quidditch, and more

Each day kids will get to enjoy::

  • Educational science experiments
  • Arts and crafts that inspire their creativity
  • Exciting games and activities from Harry Potter!
  • A professional magic show!
  • Fun House Cup and Triwizard tournaments
Date and Time
  • July 19th - July 23rd 2021
  • Aug. 9th - Aug.13th
  • From 9am-4pm
  • Ages 4-10

Camp Harry Potter Gallery
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