Learning Program
Space Pirates
galactic adventure of the year!

Give your child the crazy opportunity to blast off into outer space this year!
Go out of this world with Space Pirates!
Our space-themed camp is perfect for any kids interested in space, or dreams of travelling through the galaxy!
Kids will go on a quest to restore the heart of Planet Kaleidoscoppe, and will travel all over our solar system!
This is a perfect camp for any little scientists or adventures!
Kids also get the chance to develop social, critical thinking, teamwork, and problem solving skills!
Don't let your kid miss out on Venus lava mazes, Mars rovers, or Saturn's rings!

Each day is full of interesting and educational activities including:

  • Science experiments that teach kids important concepts!
  • Fun space-themed crafts to take home!
  • Activities about space exploration!
  • Robotics activities!
  • Engaging puzzles and quests to solve!
  • A new planet to adventure on everyday!
  • A bubble show and performance!
  • Giant Robots show -meet the Bumblebee!

Date and Time
  • July 4-7, 2023
  • From 9am-4pm
  • Ages 4-10


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