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Kaleidoscope Summer Camp

Our Promise -
Safety, Fun, Creativity!

Kids ages 4 - 10
Why Send Your Child To
Summer Camp?

Your Child Wants to Have Fun!!!
Summer camp is an amazing, exciting, non-stop, fun, try-new-things, experience! Our programs are packed with Fun, Joy, Adventure, STEM learning, and Surprises!
This is a HUGE opportunity for growth. As a parent, you want your child to mature, learn to persevere, develop interpersonal skills, unwind from the stress of negative peer pressure. It takes mountains of courage, joy, and love to grow a great kid.

Seven Different Themed Programs

Explore and find an adventure for your child!
Game On! You've been trapped inside the epic world of Jumanji, and you need to escape by the end of the week! Each level of Jumanji Camp is full of exciting quests, games, challenges, experiments, crafts, and more! An escape room, obstacle course, or explosive experiment may stand between you and leveling up! But make sure you don't lose your lives! Ready to play?
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Step into the world of Minecraft! We're bringing your child's favourite game to life with a week full of adventuring, building, crafting and more! Ever wanted to mine for diamonds with your friends, or fight off a creeper? Now you can! Your child will be able to bring their imagination to life by building their own Minecraft dream world - no pixels necessary!
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Your children will go on an epic quest through the galaxy and learn about the solar system, galaxy, planets & much more through play! This program is all about an adventurous mission to save the planet!
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Step inside the magical world of Hogwarts and explore all of our fun science experiments & activities! Your children will have the opportunity to grow their minds, all while being wizards and witches!
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Put on your sleuthing hat for our Spy Academy! Our program is filled with robotics, interesting logic and coding puzzles to challenge your child's brain, even in the summer! As they uncover the mystery at Kaleidoscope, they will participate in engaging activities and go on fun "Spy Missions" outside!
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Has your child ever dreamed of becoming a time traveller? At this camp, your child will explore history by being transported to a different time! From Medieval Times to the Future, your child will have a week full of exciting time travel! They will transform into awesome new characters, and the program is full of STEM, craft, and fun activities. We will also take them on fun outdoor field trips for fun in the sun!
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Campers will find their inner superstar at "Kaleidoscope Got Talent" week! This week will be full of challenges, creative workshops and children can discover their passion and shine! The campers have a chance to showcase their own unique talents and prepare themselves for a fabulous camp-wide performance at the end of the week.
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2022 Camp: What's Included?

Our classes at Kaleidoscope will leave your kids hungry to learn more! Kids will participate in a 40-minute class every day with trained professionals to do hands-on learning and skill building exercises.

  • Arts and Crafts - Use your fun imagination to paint, draw, sculpt and create works of art
  • Robotics - Learn coding and programming on your own robots using S.T.E.M
  • Science - Conduct exciting experiments using chemistry, teamwork and formulas
S.T.E.M Activities
All Kaleidoscope Camps incorporate programs that engage campers in fun science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) activities that are designed to foster an interest in the subject.

Every one of our 2021 Thematic Camps includes at least five STEM activities along with daily field trips, physical activities, and theme-based adventures.

Adventure Games and Nature
Fresh air and sunshine will benefit your child! Kids will feel refreshed with our outdoor excursions and adventure games! Get ready for scavenger hunts, face painting and ice cream filled picnics! We make sure that each moment spent outdoors is enjoyed to the fullest ability and that each child feels rejuvenated feeling the nature around them.
Physical Education
Exercises — these are daily activities in the form of a game for the proper physical development of children.
Special Guests
Let the show begin as we present someone of a kind, fantastic entertainers!

- Meet the master of illusion ! will have you completely captivated during this private performance at Camp Kaleidoscoppe where he will also teach each kids magic tricks of their own!

- Get ready for Zootek- an interactive animal show where your kids will learn about exotic animals and creatures. Though bred in captivity, you will learn about each animals habitat and history.

Pirates and Princesses - Meet swashbuckling pirates and beautiful princesses as they travel through time and out of the movie screen to play games and meet your kids in person!

Bubble Show
- Bubbles bubbles everywhere at Camp Kaleidoscoppe! Smile group Canada will perform a unique and fascinating bubble show ! These performers will catch your little ones eye and have you entranced by thousands of floating bubbles !

Roboscope Show - Your child will meet our giant robots that come straight from the future. Go on a Galaxy mission with Bumblebee, or meet Iron Man! These epic robots come full of fun!

Professional artists - Children will unleash their inner artist with this professional workshop! They will let their creativity go wild, and get to take a piece of art home!
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What Parents Say...
My 7 year old attended 3 summer camps this year: Spy Kids, Harry Potter and Galaxy Quest at the Kaleidoscope. From the cleanliness, the attention to detail, the organization, the activities, the communication with parents, I highly recommend this place as one of the best in Barrie.
Cristian Rasiga
Google review
Some of the highlights were learning how to read secret codes, a Taekwondo lesson and visits to Vertical Zone and Jack's Urban Jungle. Staff members are very engaging with the kids. My son really enjoyed his time at this camp and said that he would like to attend this camp again!
Tina-Louise Trepanier
Google review
Both of my children indicated that the Harry Potter camp has been the best camp they attended this summer! They even came home with a photo book at the end of the week highlighting their adventures. Staff were engaged and truly seemed to be enjoying delivering the Harry Potter experience. It is already top of the list for next year!
Stephannie Schlichter
Google review
The Harry Potter camp was amazing! My daughter had a fantastic time and I was very impressed with the outings, science experiments, crafts and games they organized for this week, they matched perfectly with the theme. I would highly recommend you sending your kids here, my daughter is there for two more camps.
Megan Segee
Google review
Very smart programs for kids of all ages; a creative approach!!!
Bahar Tarzi
Google review
Interesting activities! Great staff. Clean facilities! And a very cool summer camp program
Tamz Korner
Google review
Meet our leaders
  • We can describe our camp leaders in 3 words: Dedicated, Professional, and Exuberant!
  • They are full of positive energy and always goes the extra mile to make sure your child is having the best time possible! Our team will always make you feel welcome!

Program cost
  • 1 Week - $445
  • Now $395 (for selected weeks)
  • 4 weeks - $40 OFF/per 4 weeks
  • Siblings - $10 OFF / per week
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Date and Time

  • Dates: July 4th – Sept 2nd
  • Hours: 9:00am - 4:00pm
  • Extended care:
  • 8:00am-9:00am / 4:00pm-5:00pm
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Hot Lunches
  • Pancakes with fresh fruits
  • Waffles with fruits and juice
  • Pasta, Sandwiches, Cheese Pizza
  • $75 / a week
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Cancellation / Refund Policy
4 weeks notice in advance of the of the camp - 100% store credit minus $25 processing fee.
Less than 4 weeks notice - 75% store credit minus $25 processing fee.
Less than 2 weeks – 50% store credit minus $25 processing fee.
Less than 1 week - No store credit
No store credit will be given for days when a camper is absent, and missed days cannot be made up or early removal from the program

A Full store credit due to medical reasons may be considered if a written request is received within a week of the missed session and is accompanied by a doctor's note (minus $25 processing fee)
Frequently asked questions
To ask a question, can call us or send an email: play@kaleidoscoppe.com
How do I register for camp?
Purchase the weeks on our online store or call us and we will send you a registration form that must be filled out before camp starts.
How do I pay for camp?
We accept payment in the form of an online payment in our e-store or call us and we can process your payment over the phone. If you plan to pay for any additional services such as hot lunches or extended care, you must pay in advance online or over the phone. We will not take any in-store payments.
How is drop-off done this year?
Before to bring a child, Parents must do temperature checks at home, and we will check their temperature again inside.Parents are not allowed inside the facility and we will be closed to the public to limit contact. One of our counsellors will be outside to lead your child to the door and take their name. Please be advised any extra payments must be done in advance, parents will not be allowed to pay at the desk.
How will you ensure safety and cleanliness?
Children will be divided into cohorts of 10 kids with 1 leader, and will rotate through activities in our camp. Each activity station will be sanitized after use and children will wash their hands after each activity. Hand sanitizers will be available for use and children will be monitored to ensure they're not doing things such as sharing food. We will fully clean the facility at the end of every day, and do consistent cleaning throughout the day as well. We will also be using an air purifier to help kill bacteria and viruses in the air and hard to reach places. At the end of each week, the facility will be thoroughly cleaned by a professional.
Do you accept subsidies?
Yes, we do accept subsidies. Please check with your subsidy provider if our camp qualifies. We will provide you with an invoice as well.
Is there a waitlist? How will I know if a spot opens?
Yes, there is a waitlist. If you are interested in a camp that is sold out please let us know and we will add you to it. If a spot becomes available, we will contact you directly.
How many kids are in your camp and in a group?
We have 40 children in our camp and 10 kids in a group.
What is your camper to counsellor ratio?
Aspin +:
We will have 1 counsellor to every 9 - 10 children this year.
Can I visit my child during camp hours?
No, parents are not allowed to enter the facility due to COVID-19.
What will my child eat? Can they bring their own snacks and lunch?
Your child is welcome to bring their own snacks and lunch to camp and lunches must be nut-free. We offer a hot lunch plan for parents to purchase however you will still need to provide snacks for your child.
My child takes medication, what do you do?
Kaleidoscoppe staff cannot administer it for them. All medication will be kept behind the front desk, and your child can ask us for it if necessary. Please inform us as to what the medication is for and if there is a schedule for taking it.
Should my child bring money?
It is not necessary, but Kaleidoscoppe does offer a cafeteria with snacks that children can purchase.
My child will be turning 5 later in the year after the summer. Can I still register them?
What is your cancellation policy?
You can find our cancellation policy at our summer camp page: https://kaleidoscoppe.com/camp/
What to bring to camp?
Please bring snacks, a lunch (if you have not purchased our hot meal plan), a bottle of water, socks and sneakers for outdoor activities. It is recommended that your child brings sunscreen, a hat, or sunglasses to protect them on days we go outside.
What not to bring?
Please do not bring any personal items or toys from home. They will not be allowed inside the facility. Electronic devices are not allowed inside of Kaleidoscoppe. If there is an emergency, your child can use the phone at Kaleidoscoppe.
My child will be absent, who do I contact?
Please call Kaleidoscoppe as soon as possible, let us know what days they will be absent and when they will be returning.
My child needs to be picked up by someone else, what do I do?
Please contact Kaleidoscoppe beforehand and provide the name of who is picking up your child. We will check for ID at the time of pickup.
My child is sick, injured at camp or wants to leave, what do you do?
We will call the parents to immediately notify them and see if pickup is necessary.
How to get and contact us
Phone us: 705 503 7529
E-mail us: play@kaleidoscoppe.com
How to get
There is a good access
from the Veteran St.
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